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How to update your local Anaconda Installation

From time to time your local install of Anaconda – to be more precise the installed packages – needs an update. Sure, you can read the official documentation or follow this Stack Overflow post.

Procedure in a nutshell

The probably most common question is: „How to update all package at once?“. Easy, follow that steps:

  1. Start our local Anaconda
  2. On the left side, click enviroments
  3. Decide which environments should be updated – keep in mind that only the chosen environment will be updated!
  4. Click on the triangle/play button and choose „open in terminal“
  5. key in conda update --all for the clicked environment
  6. or for a custom environment without the need to click on that env before running the command
  7. congrats, you’re done!

Tipp: in case you want to update several environments without point&click you can specify the environment by it’s name: conda update -n myenv --all

A few things to notice

If you’re updating our root environment the anaconda package version will probably be „custom“ and downgrade a few package (package manager is handling the dependencies in background).

Think about using user-defined environments for your projects. It’s a good way to ensure that everything is running smoothly (especially package dependencies of your hard work).


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